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Petstages Puppy Cuddle Pal

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Filled with buckwheat. Microwave for 30 seconds and provide warmth for 45-60 min. Soft, cozy shape can be cuddled for comfort when sleeping or stressed. Outer packet can be removed for washing.

Puppy Cuddle Pal provides soothing comfort when your pup has to be away from its pack! The soft, cozy shape can be cuddled for comfort when sleeping or stressed...


  • Can be microwaved to provide warmth
  • Knotted tail for chewing
  • Plush shell can be machine washed
  • Measures 7" L x 6" W x 1.5" H


Directions for use: Microwave product on HIGH setting for 30 seconds. Remove and place with dog. To wash, remove warming packet from inside of product and machine wash outside shell only. Dry completely. (Warming packet should not be washed or wet).

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