Wise Pet is a holistic pet shop selling only high quality natural pet products. We provide 5% discount on orders >$600*, 10% discount on orders over $1000* (*regular priced products only) and free delivery on orders over $400 for most part of HK (please refer to shipping policy). Delivery will be made in 2-4 business days.  Please refer to the discount page for more details. 


Discount Rate

Many items in our shops are already sold at discounted prices (sales items). We also offer tier price for selected products.  Starting from Feb 1, 2019, regular priced items can get a volume discount (5% for orders over $600, 10% for orders over $1000). Sales items will not have further discount.

For example, if you purchase a sales item of $400 and a regular priced item of $600, the order total is $1000. You will receive 10% off the regular priced item (less $60) but not on the sales item.

We also offer coupon discount for specific brands and products regularly. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information on special promotion and coupon discount.


Monthly Sale

We have items on sale every month, please check out on sale page for more details.  On sale items are overstock items, promotional products or short dated products.  For short dated products, the best before date will be included under product name.


Discount Rate and Out of Stock Items

If you have placed an order but some items are not available, you can change, hold, or cancel your order.  If you break your order into two deliveries, it will be considered as two orders and the discount is calculated per delivery.

For example: If you order A ($600) & B ($400) for a total of $1000 but B is out of stock, you can hold your order, wait for new stock of B, have A & B delivered at one time and enjoy 10% discount. Alternatively, you can break this into two deliveries / orders. You can get A first and have it delivered immediately while you wait for B. Product A will have 5% discount and product B will get free delivery but no discount.