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Prunus Dr Bacteres Disinfectant

CP-001    700 ml    HK$158.00    HK$138.00

Starting from HK$138.00
Prunus Dr Bacteres disinfectant is a multi-functional food graded disinfectant. It can deodorize and sterilize any surfaces with fast germ killing action. Dr Bacteres is non-toxic, colorless and odorless. It can be safely used around dogs and cats.
  • Multi-functional food graded disinfectant
  • Deodorize and sterilize
  • Non-toxic / colorless / odorless


Uses of Prunus Dr Bacteres Disinfectant

After a walk

There are numerous bacteria outdoor.  To prevent bacteria from entering the house and keep the companion animal clean, spray on the trace of the companion animal after a walk

Use on dog toilet / litter box

Can be sprayed on dog toilet and litter box to reduce odor and control secondary contamination

Sterilize toys, bedding

Spray on toys, bedding, pet beds and surrounding areas to reduce the stinky smell and prevent bacterial growth


Superior sterilization and deodorization effect

HClO (Hypochlorous acid) is used to sterilize medical equipment in hospital, dental clinic, vet clinic due to its fast action to remove disease germs (> 99.9% bacteria and viruses) and good deodorizing effect.  It is also used to prevent food and mouth disease, pig cholera, avian flu in livestock industry.  HCLO can also be used on wound to control infection.


Active Ingredient: HClO (10-80 ppm), stabilizer.

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