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LaMer Dr Happy Diet Care Dog Food

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A premium hypoallergenic dog food formulated to prevent food allergies. Using new technology to hydrolyze proteins into small molecules so that the immune system will not recognize the protein molecules as a threat. This is the most effective way to prevent food allergies. This diet has reduced fat content and red ginseng extract to keep the weight down. It also contains GAG, hyaluronic acid, omega-3 EFA and willow tree extract for joint health. Small kibble size, suitable for toy to medium sized dogs. Made in S Korea. [Hydrolyzed protein diet can also help to relieve chronic diarrhea and inflammatory bowel disease and tear stain caused by food allergies.]

Does your dog suffer from itchy skin, constant scratching and paw chewing, recurrent ear infection?  If you rule out flea allergies or environmental irritants, it is likely it has food allergies.

Does your dog have diarrhea, soft stool and vomiting easily?  If there is no sign of skin problem, it is likely it suffers from food intolerance.

LaMer Heal Skin Care is the no 1 best selling hypoallergenic dog food in vet clinics / hospitals in S Korea.  It helps relieve symptoms caused by food allergies and / or food intolerance.


LaMer Happy Diet Dog Food is a premium hypoallergenic dog food formulated to prevent food allergies and maintain healthy weight without minimizing food intake and causing stress to the dogs. It also contains natural ingredients to promote joint and skin health.


  • Red ginseng extract (GS-M73) – regulates metabolism and keeps weight down.
  • Methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) - extracted from pine tree. Helps to enhance the immune system and remove toxin from the body. Promotes joint health and alleviates allergic response.
  • Willow tree extract - has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and homeostatic effect. Also inhibits platelet aggregation and eliminates uric acid from the body.
  • Rooster’s comb extract - a rich source of hyaluronic acid that acts as a cushion between the joints and as a lubricant between the bones and the cartilages.
  • Edible snail extract (GAG) - helps to strengthen the connective tissue between joints and bones.
  • Omega-3 EFA (from water soluble silkworm oil) - enhances blood circulation, helps to reduce cholesterol level and clean the blood flow. DHA is also needed to maintain normal brain function.
  • Recommended by veterinarians.


Using new technology to hydrolyze protein into small molecules (67% protein has a molecular weight below 3 kDa), your dog’s immune system should not consider the miniscule protein molecules as a threat so as to avoid an allergic reaction. This diet has reduced fat content and red ginseng extract to keep the weight down. It also contains GAG, hyaluronic acid, omega-3 EFA and willow tree extract for joint health.

Ingredients: hydrolyzed chicken, fermented soybean protein mixture, rice, animal fats, ginseng, egg powder, soybean oil, beet pulp, flaxseed, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, brewer’s yeast, fructo-oligosaccharide, montmorillonite, cellulose, salt, vitamin mixture, trace minerals mixture, l-carnitine, vitamin C, choline chloride, taurine, vitamin E, beneficial bacteria, yucca extract, calcium propionate, MSM, zinc peptide, organic selenium, grapefruit seed extract, edible snail extract powder, rooster comb extract powder, fermented willow tree extract powder, water soluble silkworm oil powder. 


Guaranteed analysis:

Crude protein 27.0% min

Crude fat 14.0% min

Crude fiber 3% max

Crude ash 9.0% max

Calcium 1.0% min

Phosphorus 0.6% min

Moisture 12.0% max



Is soy an allergen?

Soy is not a common allergen because it is not commonly used in dog food. Dogs are not born with allergies to certain ingredients. They develop allergies when they eat the same ingredients days after days.  In fact, hydrolyzed meat protein and soy protein are often used as protein sources in advanced prescription diets to treat food allergies.

In a study of 278 cases of food allergies in dogs where the problem ingredient was clearly identified, beef was by far the biggest culprit (95 cases). Dairy was number two at 55 cases. Wheat came in third with 42 cases. Soy and corn were actually minimal offenders, coming in at 13 and 7 cases, respectively.

Benefits of fermented soy protein over unfermented soy protein:

  1. Fermented soy protein has lower phytates (phytates can hinder the absorption of certain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc)
  2. Fermentation breaks down nutrients and makes them more water soluble and easier to absorb
  3. Fermented soy proteins are easier to digest and less likely to cause gastric distress
  4. Fermented protein is rich in vitamin K2, an important nutrient that is hard to find in other foods.


Is LaMer a natural diet?

LaMer is marketed as a specialty diet for allergies in S Korea. It contains only natural ingredients without artificial color, flavor and chemical preservatives. The food is preserved by grapefruit seed extract so it is better to store it in air-tight container or refrigerator after opening.

Presently, AAFCO’s definition of natural is:

a feed or feed ingredient derived solely from plant, animal or mined sources, either in its unprocessed state or having been subject to physical processing, heat processing, rendering, purification, extraction, hydrolysis, enzymolysis or fermentation, but not having been produced by or subject to a chemically synthetic process and not containing any additives or processing aids that are chemically synthetic except in amounts as might occur in good manufacturing practices. 

However, most natural pet foods have added synthetic vitamins, minerals and trace elements. AAFCO recommended guidelines allow those products to be called natural provided that the synthesized ingredients used are limited to synthetic vitamin, mineral and trace nutrients only.

Since LaMer diet is made with ingredients from natural sources and does not contain synthetic ingredients other than vitamins and minerals, it is considered as a natural diet by AAFCO definition.

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