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COAT-001A    size 3    HK$150.00

COAT-001C    size 5    HK$160.00

COAT-001D    size 6    HK$160.00

COAT-001E    size 7    HK$180.00

COAT-001F    size 8    HK$190.00

Starting from HK$150.00
Waterproof, full coverage from chest to all four legs. Fold in pouch design for easy carrying. Check out size information. Color: light blue.

Size Information (CM)

Size neck length girth
3 24-28 27-31 40-44
4 28-32 32-36 46-50
5 31-35 38-42 54-58
6 33-39 41-47 65-71
7 39-45 50-56 81-87
8 42-48 60-66 93-99

Dog Breeds*:

size 3: toy poodle, maltese, boston terrier

size 4: pug, shi tzu, pekingese, miniature schnauzer

size 5: shiba, beagle, cocker spaniel, akita

size 6: sheltie, border collie

size 7: labrador retriever, siberian husky

size 8: golden retriever

*for reference only, measure your dog's neck size, body length and girth to determine the right size.  Length is the most important measurement.





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