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Feline Fresh Pellet Cat Litter

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CL-002A    7 lb    HK$65.00

CL-002B    20 lb    HK$148.00

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Absorbs 4 Times More Odor-Causing Liquid! No Dust, No Tracking! Flushable, Scoopable, & Biodegradeable! Safe, All Natural 100% Pure Pine Pellets! No Chemicals or Additives! Made in USA!

 Why Premium Pine Pellets?

Feline Fresh® Natural Pine Cat Litter utilizes a natural by-product of the lumber industry, Southern Pine, and pelletizes the product for maximum performance.

  • We process the pellets so they are completely clean, sterile, dust free and healthy.
  • No tracking or sticking to your cat's fur or feet.
  • Compact pellets are economical, making this a great value!
  • Long lasting in the box.
  • Veterinarian approved for post surgery care PLUS It's environmentally friendly!
  • Feline Fresh® is safe and healthy for cats and kittens, safe to have in the home, and on our planet.
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