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Dr Elsey's Cat Litter (Hong Kong)

Dr Elsey's

Dr Elsey's is founded by Dr Bruce Elsey, a veterinarian specialized in cats. Not using cat litter is one of the main reasons cats get abandoned in shelters. Dr Elsey's goal is to help cats live happier and healthier lives by providing cat litters that are safe, have good odor control and easy to use.

Dr Elsey's Cat Attract cat litter is the only litter that is designed for cats that don't go the litter box consistently.

Dr Elsey's Ultra cat litter is an improved version of the Classic litter by combining heavy non tracking granules of the Classic litter with a medium grain clay. This improves moisture absorption and clumping of the litter.

Dr Elsey's Cat Attract cat litter is perfect for kittens or cats that are not consistent in using litter box. Dr Elsey's Ultra cat litter is perfect for multi-cat families. Both formula have excellent odor control.

Dr Elsey's cat litter is made of sodium bentonite, a natural clay material. The good odor control is due to its high water absorbing power. It cannot be flushed in toilet as it will form a hard clump.