LaMer Dr Heal Skin Care Dog Food

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LaMer Dr Heal Skin Care Dog Food is a premium hypoallergenic dog food that is formulated to improve skin health and prevent food allergies. Using new technology to hydrolyze proteins into small molecules so that the immune system will not recognize the protein molecules as a threat. This is the most effective way to prevent food allergies. Contains edible snail extract, horse bone calcium, pig placenta (source of collagen) and silkworm oil (source of omega-3 EFA) to promote skin health. Small kibble size, suitable for toy to medium sized dogs. Made in S Korea. [Hydrolyzed protein diet can also help to relieve chronic diarrhea and inflammatory bowel disease and tear stain caused by food allergies.] LaMer Dr Heal Skin diet is the best selling hypoallergenic diet among vet hospitals and clinics in S Korea.