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LaMer Hypoallergenic Protein Bar

DS-173    200g    HK$118.00

Starting from HK$118.00

LaMer hypoallergenic protein bar is made with low molecular weight peptide, hydrolyzed protein and refined carbohydrate to help reduce food allergy.  It also contain ingredients to improve skin health and boost the immune system.

For food allergy:

  • Hydrolyzed soy protein
  • Hydrolyzed chicken liver
  • Refined carbohydrate


For immune system:

  • Platycodon Glandiflorus root extract (patented)
  • Acharan Sulfate (patented)
  • Fucoidan


For skin health:

  • Omega-3 EFAs
  • Silk peptide
  • Hydrolyzed pig placenta


Superb quality & skill

  • Human grade ingredients
  • Low temperature processing
  • HACCP certified factory



Hydrolyzed soy protein, refine rice, potato powder, hydrolyzed chicken liver, fish oil, cellulose, glycerin, D-sorbitol, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, oligosaccharides, salt, lecithin, hydrolyzed pig placenta, silk peptide, edible snail, Platycodon Glandiflorus root extract, Fucoidan.


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