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About Us

Natural Pet Products for Healthy and Happy Pets

Wise Pet is a holistic online pet shop built on one concept - pet health. We focus on natural pet care and strive to deliver the best products on the market today. Our products include super premium pet foods, supplements, pet treats, natural cat litter and natural shampoos.  These products are made with human grade ingredients and not inferior animal grade ingredients.

We understand that city dwellers have busy schedule, our online service provides a means for you to shop anytime you want in the comfort of your home.

There are hundreds of thousands of pet products on the market today, do you find it hard to choose the right item? At Wise Pet, we spent many hours researching the products and even testing them ourselves before putting them online.

We do not sell every brand and every product just because they are popular, we know your time is precious.  We select our products based on product quality only as we believe that our pet companions deserve the same quality products as we do!

Wise Pet is not a supermarket, it is more like a specialty shop.  By selling high quality products, we hope to make your pets happier and healthier.  We also hope to share the idea of holistic pet care with the pet guardians and learn to become better pet parents together. 



Words from Our Founder

When I first became a pet guardian, I would go to pet shops and purchase the popular pet food based on their recommendations.  Later on, I found that most of these brands are made with 4-D meat (meat from dead, dying, diseased, down animals). 4-D meat cannot be sold for human consumption, therefore, they become the meat source of pet food.  Many pet treats also contain artificial flavors and artificial colors to cover up the poor quality of the meat.  Pet shampoos are made with lot of chemicals and artificial fragrances.  Although they smell very appealing, they may irritate pet skin which is more delicate than ours.  There is a popular saying: you are what you eat.  By founding Wise Pet, I hope we can introduce natural healthy products to pet guardians, so that we can all share a long healthy life with our beloved pets together.

KH Lo, Ph.D



Company Statements

We support responsible breeding, responsible ownership and strict legislation against animal cruelty.

We believe in pedigree breeding for better health, temperament and higher breed standard.

We are strongly against mass production of puppies and kittens for sale in pet shops. Many breeding facilities are operated for profits only. The animals live under inhumane conditions and are dumped when they get old.

Pets are family members, they are not toys and tools. Having a pet is a life-long commitment.

We support rescue organizations and believe that every animal deserves a second chance.

We believe using all natural products are safer and healthier to our pets, ourselves and the environment.